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Account Manager

We are seeking an Account Manager (AM) who is to be responsible for establishing, developing, and maintaining strong long-term relationships with a portfolio of clients.  Primary tasks will be the identification of potential new business opportunities, converting prospects to clients, and developing new opportunities with existing clients.  Working as a team with the assigned Project Manager (and Production Director), the AM will endeavor to keep Fireplay’s clients satisfied and engaged with our creative team and support services for each project that they lead.  As a client-facing Fireplay representative, the AM will manage not only the needs, but the expectations of their clients at all times.  Internally, the AM will interface with and provide guidance to the Project Manager and Fireplay’s creative team.  The AM will lead client calls and presentations in order to provide and receive appropriate information, feedback and approval from the client. Ultimately, the AM is responsible for the successful delivery of Fireplay’s solutions and the overall Fireplay/client relationship.



Project Manager

We are seeking a Project Manager (PM) to be responsible for developing concept, design and expectations for a portfolio of the company’s projects and will be accountable for their delivery in accordance with Fireplay’s quality standards together with the clients’ expectations, timeframe and budget. This involves assembling the correct creative team, defining milestones, building an internal budget for Fireplay’s resources, scheduling milestones, managing delivery of each milestone, and working with the Production Director to establish vendor quotes within budget expectations.  The PM will coordinate and manage the internal and external personnel required to complete each project. Throughout the project, the PM will provide regular updates and report progress to management in accordance with established reporting frequency.   While primarily responsible for managing the logistics and operations of each assigned project, the PM will also review and consult with the design team to offer insight, provide solutions and ensure that each project is delivered in compliance with client wishes.  The PM may also assume the client-facing role of Creative Director or Creative Producer as needed on certain projects. Ultimately, the goal of the PM is to manage and take responsibility for all aspects of the internal design process in order to ensure that it maintains a high level of creativity and efficiency. 




Entertainment Designer

We are seeking Entertainment Designers (ED) to work on projects ranging from touring stage/scenic design to theatrical, architectural and retail activation design. Projects include integrating custom design elements with various technologies to create unique immersive and exciting environments. Utilizing a multitude of software tools and following Fireplay’s design process, the ED will collaborate with the Fireplay creative team to produce cutting edge and unique solutions and deliverables that include conceptual designs, refinements and presentation decks. The position will be located in either Fireplay’s Nashville or New York office. While the ED will be expected to travel to job locations and other Fireplay facilities, the position is anticipated to be primarily office-based.