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First of all, the word “experiential” just doesn’t quite fit our style, nor does it describe what we do.  We know our productions are so much more than an experience, more than a fleeting moment.


The fire we ignite within our guests is nothing short of life changing.  That’s a big statement – but we’re not afraid to say it.  Here it is once more:  we change lives.

This applies to tours, sales conferences, parties, installations, and beyond – no matter the scope, no matter the scale, no matter the audience, we never deviate from our mission to expand the definition of what we deem “extraordinary.”


Whether you are an artist or a business, we recognize that you are creators – and the world needs to know about you.  Fireplay is here to collaborate with you.  We work with you to give your audience those rare opportunities to experience things that don’t occur in everyday life. 


Our dynamic team has been involved in hundreds of creative productions, from arena-sized tours to intimate and exclusive culinary explorations.  We have flawlessly executed our award-winning, one-of-a-kind designs and trailblazing ideas in every kind of venue imaginable.


Thousands Of Musical Performances

  • 200+ Concert Tour

  • 100+ TV & Award Show performances 

  • Superbowl Halftime Show

  • 12 Worldwide Ceremonies & Spectacles

  • 100+ Music and Film Festivals

  • 20+ Nightclub & Venue Designs


Hundreds of Corporate and Civic Events

  • Sponsorship Buildouts

  • Product Launches

  • After Parties

  • VIP Experiences

  • Annual Meetings & Sales Conferences

  • Creative Dinners

  • Stayable Experiences


Over Thirty Art Installations 

  • Gallery Curation

  • Interior & Exterior Murals

  • Interactive Installations

  • Large Scale City-Funded Permanent Installations & Parks


To accomplish our mission, Fireplay has assembled a formidable team, which has served as the nucleus of our business model. 

All of our team members have built outstanding individual careers, with second-to-none reputations for thinking differently, embracing new technologies, and executing groundbreaking productions.  


Such dynamic talent under one roof enables us to have a perfect grasp across creative, technical, and business aspects, easily positioning us as a leader in creative production and collaboration.


Fireplay’s CEO, Lead Lighting Designer, and Creative Producer, Nick Whitehouse, learned his craft from 20 years of touring.  Through the guidance of a mentor, Whitehouse expanded into a bold style that has won the admiration of music’s most prominent figures and a 15-year collaboration with Justin Timberlake.  From Superbowl performances and award shows, to pivotal moments in popular culture, chances are you’ve seen Whitehouse’s work without even knowing it.  The UK native created Fireplay to bring a unique and collaborative touch to the industry and to provide services that go beyond artists’ expectations to revolutionize production and design.

Nick Whitehouse | CEO

Kim Sawyer brings her unique event production and client relations experience to the Fireplay team and drives Fireplay’s Corporate Theater and Production division .  An MBA who is equally left-brained and right-brained, Kim has produced events from top to bottom for high profile clients including Nissan, New York City Wine & Food Festival, Spotify, RVCA, Maxim, and more.  Her productions recently won the 2019 BizBash Style Award for Best Product Launch and 2019 MarCom Platinum Award.  In addition to her vast corporate production experience, Kim is passionate about championing artists and has curated over thirty art projects throughout her career.  Whether it is a complicated public mural project or an extensive stayable experience, Kim’s attention to detail and ability to manage logistics makes her an extremely valuable asset to Fireplay’s creative and operational teams. 


Kim Sawyer | Director of Sales and Production



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